WordPress 010 – Book Experience 005 – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery (Spoilers)

Hi everyone, how is everything going?

My Book Experience this time will be on The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery.  WARNING: There will be spoilers, more likely than not.


I’ve heard about this little book for a really long time now, and I never got a chance to read it.  Just never got around to it, and I actually started it a long time ago because one of my cousin’s had the book.  I read the first couple of pages, at least through his explanation of the boa-constrictor-digesting-an-elephant picture, and I thought that was the most intriguing thing, such a different perspective between a child and an adult.

Anyway, that was years ago, and last month, I remembered I wanted to read it, so I went and got it and read it right away.  It’s a super short book, so it didn’t take me long at all to read it.  However, I was rather surprised at how poignant, how thought-provoking it was despite its length.

It makes me think about how differently we see things, how differently we think about things and how it makes sense to us.  And if we try to get someone else to see things from our perspective, that doesn’t always work.  Then what?  Do we keep trying to get them to change their minds, so they can see things the way we do, or should we just try to relate to them on their level, as the narrator does?  I think a lot of people tend to go for the latter, but there are also reasons why we should do the former as well (e.g. when trying to work things out in a relationship).

The narrator also notes how “I have had to grow old,” which is rather… melancholy.  I’m sure that there are times when it feels like the child inside us will never disappear, and we would always feel that child-like freedom to do what we want.  But then, what if you do have to grow old…?  Ah, sadness.

Anyway, I can probably go over each and every one of my Post-It tabs.  I do want to say that I am surprised by the feelings that get stirred up with this book.  So much.  The feelings, the thoughts.  I love this book for that reason.  And even though it’s so simple, it just makes so much sense.  It makes my mind happy to be so thoughtful.

So, that is it for my Book Experience on The Little Prince.  If you have your own Book Experience or thoughts on this, I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, take care!


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