WordPress 001 – Introduction

Hi everyone.

Thank you for visiting my blog. As you can probably guess, this post will serve as an introduction to me, my blog, and of things to come. This all sounds very formal and stuff, but it’s probably just nerves and the fact that I find introduction posts difficult to write.

A bit about myself as a reader: I had read rather simple books while I was growing up, and it was my sixth grade teacher who really introduced me to the joy of reading and changed my life. I love reading, and I love books. Because of my undergrad English classes, I am always in the middle of multiple books at a time, or I would just feel… weird. It sometimes takes me a while to finish books due to that reason, but it’s something that works for me, and that’s just what I do. I love acquiring books just as much, and my personal collection of books is over 500. I try to keep it around 550 books, which is more or less where I’m at right now because that’s how many that can fit in my two bookcases. However, I do have other things that I don’t keep cataloged, such as literature anthologies, poetry, graphic novels, books I’m giving away, etc. so if I did count them then… uh. We’ll just leave it at that for now. :)

So that’s about me, and now about my blog. I’ve had this blog on WordPress for… over a year, but I haven’t done anything with it, so I thought it’s time to do that now. I basically cleaned everything up and took some time (i.e. forever) thinking up a tagline and picking out a theme I wanted to use.

I call this blog “notimemaketime” because while I was creating my username, I was thinking about how my life was structured. I felt I had very little time to do the things that I enjoyed, reading being one of them, and I realized that if I don’t make the time to do those things, I would just be working forever. Sometimes, you need to force yourself to take a break, and that is how the name of this blog came up. So, if you have no time, make time.

The tagline of my blog took me a while because I kept revising it and changing it. I started off having just “A blog on most things books” because my blog might not have all things books, but it is mostly about book-ish things. Then, I was thinking about what kind of content I would have, aside from book hauls, and I thought to myself that I probably won’t have actual book reviews. Instead, I will have what I think I will call “book experiences,” which I will explain later. After that, I was thinking about the four main skills that you’re supposed to learn in school, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and I will be incorporating all of that when I make posts. I will 1) read the books, 2) write the blog posts, 3) “speak” my thoughts, and 4) listen to what you have to say, should you decide to share.

The theme I chose is called “Dusk to Dawn” by Automattic, and I really like the midnight-blue color, the black curls at the top, how it reminds me of dusk and dawn, sunsets and sunrises… So, that was that.

To end this introduction post, I’ll just talk briefly about what I would like to do on this blog.

First is book hauls because… yeah, I have a problem when it comes to acquiring books and acquiring a lot of them. I tend to get them from Goodwills, library book sales, and an online book swap called PaperBackSwap, so the books are an average of… 3 to 5 dollars? So, I don’t feel too guilty getting a lot at a time because if you can get something that originally costs $30 for a fraction of the price, that is pretty exciting. Plus, I allow myself to pick out books that sound interesting, and I don’t have to worry about spending $10 or more on each of them. And I feel like I’m rescuing the books that people have donated away. …Yes, I have a problem, and I’m just rationalizing, yes, I know.

One other thing I will definitely try to do is book experiences. Maybe it’s a thing already, and I just don’t know it, but I think it will be much more interesting to hear about people’s book experiences, at least for me. What I would essentially be doing is tell a story about my own personal experience and journey through a book that I have read. And if you’ve read the book too, I’d like to hear about your book experience. So, it’s more like a discussion rather than me reviewing a book for you. I get to see what things you picked up on, and I think that is the most engaging thing to have, a conversation about books.

So, some things to come are:

  • a book haul for March (with pictures)
  • a book experience on A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick, which was one of the books I finished this year

Thanks for reading. Until next time, take care.