WordPress 031 – Update

Hello everyone, many apologies for disappearing for the past month.

Basically, the BookTube Read-a-thon happened right when I had two weeks left of my summer courses, so… I knew I wouldn’t get everything read, but I tried.  It did get rather hectic from then on, and I was just trying to keep everything, including myself, together.  Things in my life changed, mostly for the better, so I’ve been trying to settle in with all the changes.

I did get three books read/finished, one of them a book of poetry, so I got a couple of the challenges completed.  I think I’ll do a big two-month wrap-up at the end of August and hopefully catch up on things by then.  I’ll probably go back to posting once a week, maybe on a Sunday because I’m pretty much busy the rest of the week with work and such.  At least I’m able to squeeze in some reading time here and there as well as do other things.

Anyway, thanks for reading as always, and take care!